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Monday, April 6, 2009

Can you believe the Princess!

I have to share the funniest thing that happened the other day at our house. The princess got herself into alittle trouble a few weeks ago and has been grounded from everything since. Spring Break is coming up and for some reason she has decided that poor ole mama has lost her memory. The very first thing I said upon grounded Princess was that her spring break trip to Florida was off! For some crazy reason she thinks she can convince me and her father (he must have old timer's too) that she can go to the beach. Long story short - she is not going - we are sticking to our guns. Yeah for us!!! So Princess tries a new approach. She tells us that all of the other girls involved were not still grounded and she did not do nearly as much as they did. Of course I said that I was not concerned with the others, she was my concern. Then she decided to tell me that I was not aware of how she had to defend me to her friends when they talked about me. Can you believe this? She thought that I would be worried about what her 15 and 16 year old friends thought. So you know I had to tell her that first of all I do not care what her friends say or think about me and secondly, how sorry I felt for her and her friends if all they had to talk about was a 42 year old fat woman who the most exciting thing in her life was the fact that she just found out she has asthma I really felt sorry for them. With that, Princess turned around on her heels and huffed out of the room. I imagine that she is now trying to come up with a new plan. What will it be? She is getting very creative in trying to convince Daddyboy and me to unground her. More to come on this I am sure!!

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  1. Stick to your guns, MommyGirl. That age is THE most difficult, but they are the formative years. What happens now will shape and mold them for the future. Most parents waffle and give mixed signals to teens, which destabilizes them further. Remind her that it's not a popularity contest and that you have to answer to God for doing the right thing. She can't argue with that!