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Monday, April 13, 2009

Way too much Television!

I think I have decided I watch far too much television. And now I have found another series that I think I LOVE!! Big Love has ended for the season and now The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency has premiered. I have read several of the books and I have to say the series is so much like the books. I am enjoying it so much. The acting is really good and love the story lines. I have found so many series I like on HBO. First there was Six Feet Under, then Big Love, then True Blood and now this one. The only thing I hate about HBO shows are they premier and have so few episodes at one time. I believe this one only has 6 episodes. I hope HBO will continue with this series since I already watch way too much TV.
By the way - I hope each of you had a lovely Easter. I know my family did. We had a fabulous lunch at our Nana's and then were lazy all afternoon. I watched alot of my shows that I had recorded on my DVR and took a lovely afternoon nap!!! With my 3 puppies by my side. Princess and Angelbaby kicked back too. Daddyboy slept in the recliner (once again snoring). And now I am on Spring Break this week. Life is Good in Lippyville. Now I must get back to the mounds of laundry. I believe that I have about 30 loads to do!!! 30 Loads !!! Can you believe that? I wonder how long this will take.

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