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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Circle of Friends

I am realizing the older that I get the true value of friendship. Each friendship is so different and requires different things. I believe we need all of these friends because we all have so many different needs in our lives. There are friends that come into our lives for a season in which we need them (man God does provide doesn't He?) and then disappear, never to be heard from or seen again. But those friends are never forgotten. I also have the occasional friend. This is the friend that I see at weddings, showers and funerals. I also have my cyber friends. I know I will never meet this friend face-to-face but some of these friends I know better than people I see everyday. We have our "professional" friends. These are the people we work with and perhaps are in civic clubs with. They can help us problem solve at work and sympathy with professional issues. My husband and I have couple friends. I also have "friends of a friend" friends. These are people I have met thru other friends. I may never know them well but none the less we are friends. But then there are my "girlfriends". These are the gals that I love so much and enjoy being around. I can share my deepest secrets and not fear being judged. These are the friends that I can count on when the cards are down or will be there for me when things are good. Each of these girl friends are different and serve a different purpose within that circle but each quality they bring with them makes each of them equally important. One is patient and caring while another is brutally honest. These ladies are such an important part of my life and I feel their importance each day.
I think it is essential that everyone has friends in their lives, even though that puts you out there to be hurt or betrayed. We will all come to the realization that some people we thought were our friends are not, sometimes these people are even toxic to us. But the joys we receive from our friends can never be measured and far out weigh the pain. We just got to remember that it’s the growth of the quality of friendship and those memorable moments that we share that hold so closely to our hearts.


  1. Bravo!! Said so well...I still think you could write a book and it would be as funny as all those you are always recommending.

  2. I loved the way that you wrote this Post about Friendships!