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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Words can hurt more than we know

I think sometimes I will write on my blog just to release some of my feelings I have inside that both me.  And today I have alot of pinned up anger. Isn't it amazing that there are so many people who think that what is going on in their life is so important that when you try to mention something important with your life they either don't bother to listen and talk over you OR just plain out ignore you and walk off. And they try to pretend they are so concerned about other people yet it is so obvious they could care less. My new goal is to try my best to not be one of those people. My new prayer is going to be for God to help me use my two ears more than my one big mouth and to have a truly concerned heart for others. I hope I am never so busy with myself that I forget to show respect and compassion for others.  I guess this was brought to my attention today when I was so excited to see a picture of my two girls (who are very important to me) on Facebook.  They are currently on a mission trip to Nicaragua and for this entire week I am unable to hear from them.  So seeing this beautiful picture of them with their group made me feel good.  I could see with my own eyes that they are alive and seem to be having a good time.

You know us mamas, we just want to tell everyone about what our angels are doing.  While I had this picture pulled up at work showing it anyone who walked by I called a person over to see it and they told me they had more important things to do than look at my picture.  This is a person who claims to feel like everyone at work is someone special and so important.  Yet they could not take thirty seconds out of their busy day to just glance at this picture.  Why I am surprised I do not know.  There are so many people like this person.  I do not know if they do this to everyone but this person never allows me to complete a sentence.  They either interrupt me or talk all over me.  They always  have smart remarks to make about anything I say or do.  To be honest it really does hurt.  I do try to laugh it off but sometimes it just is not possible.  The worst part is when the person that is treating you this way is a person that you cannot cross or confront.  
I have ADD and I know that one thing that a person with ADD will do is interrupt others.  I find this to be so disrespectful that I made a point to talk to my doctor regarding what I can do to help prevent me from being this way.  I work everyday at trying to listen to what others are saying and allowing them to complete their thoughts.  Lots of times during the conversation I think I know the direction the conversation is going in and want to start talking.  Well to my surprise most of the time I am wrong, it is not going in that direction.  When you interrupt a person what you are telling that person is what you are saying is not important enough for me to take my valuable time to listen.  That is very hurtful and degrading.  Which is exactly how I felt today.  I realize everyone is so busy in the world we live in today and it is a shame that some people feel they are more important than others.  They do not show compassion or empathy for what others are going thru.  The day that I feel that way I hope will never come.  Just like my girls being on a mission trip is important to me, maybe getting your child potty trained is what is important going on in your life, maybe planning your wedding, anticipating the birth of your new baby or perhaps contemplating how you are going to deal with your aging parent or your child that is in trouble.  
My pray for myself tonight is that my Heavenly Father will help me to be the person that will listen and honestly care about others.  Not to just talk the talk but to walk the walk.    

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