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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Getting Old Just Sucks!!!

About a week ago Daddyboy made the statement - "It just sucks getting old"  We were talking about all our aches and pains.  How we no longer could do things we use to think nothing of doing (like your back killing you just from sweeping the kitchen).  But the suckiest part of getting old is the sickness and death.  Just this year during the first month we had to go to the funeral home 3 times.  And all of a sudden it is our friends that dying.  It is really scary.  Don't get me wrong, I know when my time on earth here is over I know I will be greeted at Heaven's pearly gates by all my loved ones that have gone before me (that includes my precious wiener dog Max).  But for the ones that are still here on earth, well we miss our loved ones so much.
Then on Thursday of this week I got a message from my best friend in the entire world that her husband has leukemia.  DivaDoll has been my best friend since 4th grade and we are now approaching 50.  We went out to all the hang outs in our single days.  We both got married in 1989 and were in each other's wedding.  We had our children at the same time.  Our husbands became the best of friends. They developed a love for dirt track racing.  The Princess and DivaDoll's Chica were roommates their freshman year at college, joined the same sorority and are still closest of friends.  This is my friend that kept me sane during those early years with our children. We were both so broke that the only thing we could afford to do was go over to each other's house and our big decision was what kind of coffee we would have.  These are our friends that we chose to be our family.  And now our friend, ADD Man, has leukemia. How can this be?  I know I hear sad stories everyday about OTHER people but not my circle of friends.  DivaDoll told us that this type of leukemia is not curable but it is treatable.  It is one that he should continue to live as long as the medicine continues to work.  So we are all praying the medicine works!  I usually try to find humor when I get to the end of my post but there is no humor to be found in this post.  All I can end this post with is please add my friend's husband and their entire family to your prayer list.
Two proud Dads and their KD daughters
Dinner with our best friends before children!

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