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Friday, December 20, 2013

Freedom of Speech

I am sick of people that feel that some should be able to say what they want to about things and others do not have that freedom.  Now to set the record straight I do not watch Duck Dynasty nor am I a fan.  The biggest reason is I just don't enjoy the show.  That being said if the star of this show has opinions he should be free to state them.  I have many friends that are in same sex relationships, friends that have made a decision to not marry their partners yet they live together.  I love each and everyone of them and value their friendship everyday!!! Whether you agree with their choices or not does not matter.  It is their decision.  Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty made a statement on his opinions.  My first question would be are you really surprised?  This show has never made it a secret of their home values. They have always spoken their minds.  Good grief he is in almost all of the shows already filmed for next season anyway.  So by the time shows are filmed that he is not in this will all have blown over. A great deal of people agree with him.  It might not be me or you but that does not make it wrong for him to express it.  I have found a wonderful knob on my television set that can perform a magical act of turning the channel on my television or even, surprise, even turn it off.  There are people in this world that agree with Phil and it is their right to be able to watch his show.  If the ratings go down and the show has to be canceled for that reason so be it.

  If the only free speech that you support is speech that you agree with, that does not make you a “patriot.” It makes you a hypocrite.    He did not yell anything such as FIRE in a crowded theater.  All that all of this hype is creating is drawing attention to what he said and to the show.  Do I agree with what he said is far from relevant.  I do without question know that I am a Christian and I have opinions, I also have five toes on each foot but does that make a person that has 4 toes on one foot wrong.  No it makes us different.  And the most wonderful thing about our country is we can be different, think different and not be afraid.  I was very offended by the Dixie Chicks and what they said about President Bush.  So I quit listening to their music and buying their Cds.  If Toby Keith offended you by what he has said and done it is your right not to support him.  I feel the same way about Phil on Duck Dynasty.  But to keep him from being on the show -- I think that is stupid.  Let the man work on the show, let the people that enjoy him and his family continue to watch the show.  I don't agree with what lots of actors on TV and movies believe in and if it bothers me enough - well I just don't have to support them.  But if I really don't care what they think I merely want to enjoy their work then so be it.  This too will pass soon enough. And there will be something else everyone will be fired up about.  I have found this out personally!  Soon someone else will do something that will take the spotlight over what ever is a big deal today.  Thanks goodness for that!!!  Because I know that each and everyone of us has said things or done things that has caused us to be the "talk of the town" and not very many people enjoy that!!!  So please leave Phil alone along with his family.  And let's all just enjoy Christmas with our families, each of which is unique in it's on way!!!

By the way I am not looking to pick a fight with anyone -- I am rather trying to just say let's just all get along!!!!  

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  1. I agree with you 100%, I believe everyone has a right to their own opinion just like phil of duck dynasty has a right to his own opinion- but at the same time that network has a right to their own opinion as well, and if that doesn't fit the values of that particular network or company then they have every right to make any adjustments they feel is in the best interests of the brand just as long as it does not violate your constitutional right. Listen we all say things that we regret later on (like you said)but at the same time there are consequences to your actions, and if you're representing someone else's brand you just have to know what they expect from you as a representative of the company, that's just the way it is.