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Monday, February 3, 2014

Keeping it Hot in the bedroom

It has just occurred to me to as I lay here in my queen size bed how much things have changed in my marriage regarding the bedroom.  Daddyboy and myself began our marriage sleeping in a double bed.  Did that bother us?  No way because we just wanted to be close to each other.  Now 24 years into our marriage we are in a queen size bed and if our room was large enough we would get a California king so we could never have to touch during the night.  In fact with the Princess off at school there have been nights when one of us slept in her old room.  And enjoyed it !!!!!  When we have to get a hotel room we never request a king size bed but rather 2 double beds!!!! Not to go into too much details but in the early years of our marriage I would get all warm just waiting for the Hunk of a Hubby to come to bed -- now if I get hot before he comes to bed I either have the heating pad on too high or I am suffering a hot flash!!!  And when I think of him rubbing my back it is the thought of him rubbing it with IcyHot.  Never did I go to sleep without him in the bed - now I will let him have it with both barrels  if I have fallen asleep, he comes in to go to bed and wakes me up. Now the only reason one of us wakes up in the middle of the night is because we have to go to the bathroom, certainly not because we want to be romantic.  And good grief the things I wear to bed.  I use to wear cute night shirts and the such.  Now it is what ever clean T-shirt I can find and pray our house does not catch on fire because how embarrassing would that be to have to run out of a blazing house in my fugly T-shirt.  I would blind little children!!!  But the funny thing is I love Daddyboy now far more than in those first years of marriage.  I have watched him become a loving father, I have experienced his love for me during times of loss, I see him bite his tongue several times during the course of a day after I have said something or my father has or one the girls have, I know he has given up his nice car to each of our daughters when they turned 16 and started driving the old clunker again.  He has supported me both financially and emotionally all of these years.  I have never worried he was out bar hopping, blowing our grocery money betting in card games or out having an affair.  When we were married 24 years ago I loved Daddyboy  but today I am in love with Daddyboy.  He is an amazing husband, son, son-in-law and father.  But most of all he is my best friend.  So come on to bed sweetie pie, just be very quiet when you do!!!

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