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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Vacation at the Hospital

Well it is another night in the hospital for me. But hopefully I will be going home in the morning. And I am not so sure I want to go. This has not been such a bad gig. The food has been okay, I did not have to cook it plus they bring it to me!!! I have been able to read my books with no one needing anything from me, surfed the internet and listen to my audiobooks. But seriously I am will be glad to get home. After being sick for 6 weeks with one thing or another my doctor has decided I have asthma - can you believe that? At 42 years old and I never knew I had it. I now have sympathy for anyone that has it. I felt like I had a brick on my chest and could not take a deep breath. And I know everyone that is around thought I was just being a big old baby complaining all the time about not feeling good. Heck I am tired of it too. But now after steriod shots every 4 hours (I may end up with a deep voice and a beard), breathing treatments every 4 hours plus a whole list of other meds I think I am on the road to recovery. Thank goodness!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Times are not good (just in case you did not know this)

I went out to walk "puppy" last night (in case you are not aware "puppy" is the precious little pup that wondered up to our casa right before Thanksgiving - the one that Daddyboy refuses to let us name, hence his name is "Puppy) when I ran into one of my neighbors walking his dog. Some of you may not be aware that we have a large Hispanic population in my town and this neighbor happens to be Hispanic. His family is one of my favorite neighbors although I admit I don't see them much. I had noticed that their house was for sale and I ask if anyone was looking at it. He told me no and explained that he had been out of work for 6 months and his wife had been cut to 4 days a week. This was making it very hard on them and they were trying to sell their house. He was trying to find odd jobs for some income. I felt so bad for him. He is a hard working man, he is here legally and his children are fantastic kids, not the gang bangers. I don't live under a rock and I know the economy is bad but that really hit home for me when I find out one of my neighbors is in a bad situation due to the loss of his job. My family has been blessed. My husband works for this family's business and as long as there is any money to be paid his father will see that he gets a check and at this point I think that my job is safe although I did receive a small pay cut. I really try to keep things I write light hearted because I certainly do not want to be depressing but I feel that our economy is really is terrible shape and that God is bringing us to our knees, heck, maybe putting us on our backs. I hope that all of our nation is praying and asking for God's guidance on what we should be doing. I know that I am.
So I guess my whole point of this is to ask each of you to please pray for our country and our president. Perhaps you did not vote for him but at this point he is the leader of the United States of America and needs our prayers. As citizens of this great country, lets stand together and pray together for things to improve.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Paul Bunyon is alive and well and sleeps with me everynight

I was enjoying my weekend, girls are gone to youth retreat, just me,Daddyboy and the 3 dogs here at the house. I was catching up on laundry, cleaning the kitchen and playing on the computer all while listening to 4th of July by James Patterson on my Ipod. (which I just finished this morning and I was not disappointed) Then the transformation began, Daddyboy started stretching in the recliner, it was getting close to bed time. He heads off to bed while I remain in the den doing my own thing. With in 5 minutes the transformation is complete!!! I hear snoring all the way down the hall. Honestly I think he was sucking in the sides of the house!!! At 3:00 am I finally could not hold my eyes open so I entered the forest he was sawing in and tried to just get to sleep as soon as I could. I have worn earplugs, I have gently nudged him, I have pushed him (one time so hard he almost fell off the bed) and I have yelled at him. I understand he does not do this on purpose but I swear I have thought of using the pillow, oh lets not go there, evil thoughts!!! After getting my 5 hours of sleep (note not 5 hours on continual sleep but rather in the bed catnaping from 3:00 am to 8:00 am) Daddyboy strolls in the den at 11:00 am fully rested and has the nerve to ask me why I am sitting in the chair playing on the computer, I had been up since 8:00 surely I could have done a few things. Now he did not think about the 2 loads of clothes I had done, walking the dogs and fixing coffee. I swear I think of the things I could do with that pillow more often. As for me, I hear a long nap calling my name this afternoon. One last thought - if he is Paul Bunyan does that make me Babe the Blue Ox?????

Youth Retreat is a Blessing for me!

Princess and AngelBaby are gone for the weekend to our church's youth retreat. I hope that the spirit will fill them and they will come back the perfect children I always thought I would have. I remember when both girls were babies and I would see these parents almost throwing their kids out of the car in the church parking lot and driving away as fast as they could. I thought to myself, "Sugar, how could anyone not be standing beside the bus crying, sending your precious ones away for 2 night" Tsk, Tsk you awful parents. Well the time has come for me to eat those words as hard as it might be. Princess is really suppose to be grounded and AngelBaby's smart mouth should have her in the pokie too. But the thought of making them stay home from this retreat, I just could not bear the thought. I have justified why I let them go even though they have been terrible this past week - they need to be filled with the spirit. They need to pray for forgiveness. And Mommygirl needs to be filled with some kind of spirit, perhaps tequila. Enough family time this past week. And when that big old church bus pulls in the parking lot Sunday afternoon, Daddyboy and I will be standing there excited to see our girls. I am in great hopes for a good week to follow.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

How did this happen???

I am really not sure how this all came about. Daddyboy and I went to the hospital to visit our friends with their new baby and decided it was time for us to grow our family from just the two of us and our baby boy, Max (who was a dog). As Luck would have it we did not have to try long and 9 months later the Princess arrived. She was beautiful from the start but she was already demanding. She had colic and we all took turns walking the floors with her for hours and hours. Just when things seemed to getting into a routine we discovered our family was growing again. 9 months later AngelBaby arrived on the scene. She was a good baby although we had to have her back to the hospital for a 7 day stay when she was 6 days old due to her having RSV. I sat down the other day looking at my beautiful girls who are now 16 and 14 thinking how did this happen so fast? It just seems like yesterday we were taking the Princess to preschool and now she takes herself to High School. It does not seem like it was that long ago that AngelBaby was just starting to school and now she is in 8th grade, starting high school next year. Where has the time gone? I still feel like I am in my early 30's yet I am getting closer to mid 40's. When I was younger and people said that time flies I thought they were stupid. When I was dealing with a baby crying all the time and others told me enjoy this anyway because the time will fly, I thought they were out of their minds but guess what - they weren't. Time does fly the older we get and sometimes I wish I could go back. But I cannot.
I am going to be blogging about our family and the craziness that goes on. And Crazy it is. But most of the time a good crazy. There are trials and tribulations that go along with raising teenagers and we have it that time so I will be posting on those things. Perhaps someone can give me advice on situations. I am so looking forward to this and I hope you will come along for the ride.