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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Youth Retreat is a Blessing for me!

Princess and AngelBaby are gone for the weekend to our church's youth retreat. I hope that the spirit will fill them and they will come back the perfect children I always thought I would have. I remember when both girls were babies and I would see these parents almost throwing their kids out of the car in the church parking lot and driving away as fast as they could. I thought to myself, "Sugar, how could anyone not be standing beside the bus crying, sending your precious ones away for 2 night" Tsk, Tsk you awful parents. Well the time has come for me to eat those words as hard as it might be. Princess is really suppose to be grounded and AngelBaby's smart mouth should have her in the pokie too. But the thought of making them stay home from this retreat, I just could not bear the thought. I have justified why I let them go even though they have been terrible this past week - they need to be filled with the spirit. They need to pray for forgiveness. And Mommygirl needs to be filled with some kind of spirit, perhaps tequila. Enough family time this past week. And when that big old church bus pulls in the parking lot Sunday afternoon, Daddyboy and I will be standing there excited to see our girls. I am in great hopes for a good week to follow.

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