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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Paul Bunyon is alive and well and sleeps with me everynight

I was enjoying my weekend, girls are gone to youth retreat, just me,Daddyboy and the 3 dogs here at the house. I was catching up on laundry, cleaning the kitchen and playing on the computer all while listening to 4th of July by James Patterson on my Ipod. (which I just finished this morning and I was not disappointed) Then the transformation began, Daddyboy started stretching in the recliner, it was getting close to bed time. He heads off to bed while I remain in the den doing my own thing. With in 5 minutes the transformation is complete!!! I hear snoring all the way down the hall. Honestly I think he was sucking in the sides of the house!!! At 3:00 am I finally could not hold my eyes open so I entered the forest he was sawing in and tried to just get to sleep as soon as I could. I have worn earplugs, I have gently nudged him, I have pushed him (one time so hard he almost fell off the bed) and I have yelled at him. I understand he does not do this on purpose but I swear I have thought of using the pillow, oh lets not go there, evil thoughts!!! After getting my 5 hours of sleep (note not 5 hours on continual sleep but rather in the bed catnaping from 3:00 am to 8:00 am) Daddyboy strolls in the den at 11:00 am fully rested and has the nerve to ask me why I am sitting in the chair playing on the computer, I had been up since 8:00 surely I could have done a few things. Now he did not think about the 2 loads of clothes I had done, walking the dogs and fixing coffee. I swear I think of the things I could do with that pillow more often. As for me, I hear a long nap calling my name this afternoon. One last thought - if he is Paul Bunyan does that make me Babe the Blue Ox?????

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