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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Time does fly!!!

I cannot believe how long it has been since I have last blogged.  No promises but I hope to at least get a weekly post in if only just for myself.   Started my summer vacation off with a short stay at Hamilton Medical Hospital with some kidney issues.  I must admit I was scared.  I just don't like to think about dying.  I still have so much more living to do.  But I am home now thank goodness.  Princess as I still call her has met her Prince Charming and moved to the most southern part of Georgia.  I miss my sassy princess all the time and I think Charming is treating her more as a princess than we did.  But as much as I miss her I cannot deny the happiness I believe she is experiencing in life.  So proud of that girl.  Angel Baby is now our Angel Nurse.  I am so proud of her and what all she has accomplished.  I still think of her as my free spirit and I have no idea what plans God has for her.  She as a side kick with her, let call him Mr. Mysterious.  I don't know if that even suits him but I love that name.  I will get more posted about them soon.  I have made a change in my career and now work with my favorite people in the world, special ed students.  WOW, my life is feeling more complete.  I also am trying to help the homeless animals. That will take a blog post of 2,3 or maybe even 4.  Daddyboy is doing great.  I love that crazy man more everyday just seeing what all he puts up with.  He is my soulmate.  That's about it for my now new post about what now is new going on in the wonderful world of Lippyville.   I am still Queen and Daddyboy is still the Mayor.  I have lots of things to share.  Writing seems to take burdens off my soul.  So hopefully I will be getting my soul burden free soon.  Till the next time remember your southern manners!!!!

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