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Monday, July 13, 2009

Weddings that you feel VERY important at!!!

Princess and I went to a wedding this weekend and I have to say I was feeling very important. It just so happens I, yes that is right, I introduced this couple a few years ago. So I had abit of a puffed out chest. I have to say I did match up a handsome couple. I just knew there would be a prominent place for me to sit. I thought there might even be enough space for princess to sit in that area with me. I was some what shocked to find I merely had a regular seat. HMMM! But once the wedding began it did not matter. Prior to the beginning of the ceremony I was saying something to princess about she would see one day how it felt to be a mom and her daughter thinking she was just the the dumbest thing next to dirt and I hoped that I would be around to hear it. You will not believe what she said -she replied that I would not hear it because I could not hear good now. I think I am going to quit hearing her request for money and other things. I found at the reception I was told many times that I was responsible for this union. You know me- always glad to take the credit for something good, lets hope this marriage stays good. I don't want bad press!!! Also I did mention not to send me the bill for the wedding and would not send them the bill for my match making services.

As usual I was scouting out the single boys for my princess and did I find her a cutie pie. And I think he might have looked at her a couple of times. AND, this is very important, he has fantastic parents. That is of utmost importance to me because those people are the ones that I will have share my grandchildren with and let me tell you there are alot of boys I really like but their mamas, not so much!!!I cringe at the thoughts of "his mother" trying to take over and be bitchy, that is so my job! That is why I have had to put up with these hormonal girls growing up, she did not have to do that. She had her time with her sweet boy while he was growing up - I did not have my time with my girls growing up, they were too busy for me. But that is suppose to all change when they get married. Not that I want Princess or Angel Baby getting married anytime soon but I am already on the prowl for a good son-in-law that has parents I like, will be good to my girls and can produce pretty grand babies!!!

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  1. LOL!!! My fav part was the "You won't hear it because you can't hear now and your going to quit hearing her requests." Enjoyed it!

    Oh-- and THANKS for having my book featured in your picks. I appreciate that!