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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summertime in the South!

The Lippy Clan got back from the beach this past Saturday. We made our annual trip to the beach, Destin this year. This was our first trip ever to Destin. We usually go to PCB! We discovered that you see more "upper" class people in Destin. PCB has more of the Redneck Rivera bunch!! I was surprised but I did like Destin. The water was beautiful and we got to spend the week with my sister, her husband and his twins. I am discovering the older I get the more I enjoy doing NOTHING!!! I like to sleep late, take my time getting ready for the beach, stroll down to the beach, sit in my beach chair with my toes in the ocean reading a book and going back to the room when I am good and ready. Then of course comes my favorite thing - EATING OUT!!! I will eat breakfast and lunch in the room but dinner, I have to eat out. We had some great seafood. Then come back to the room and do whatever I want. Play on the internet, read a book or watch TV. I can remember when we use to go on vacation I would want to go shopping after dinner, go play miniature golf or do something, not just go back to the room. How times have changed for me.

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