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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Why do bad things happen to good people???

I cannot believe I have not updated my blog since the first of May. Time Flies!!! We have just gotten back from the beach and had a wonderful time. The weather was so great. But it was a sad week too. One of my dearest friends lost her 6 month old granddaughter to SIDS. My heart is broken for her. I just cannot post right now about our vacation, because my heart is so heavy for my friend. Last Saturday mom put Emily down for a nap and Emily just did not wake up. This is something that I just cannot imagine. There were not health problems or anything. She was just perfect. As her grandmother told me - Heaven has a beautiful redheaded angel now. But I know that angel is sure missed on earth. I really do have a deep faith in Christ and I know that we are not suppose to question Him but that is very hard for me right now. This family is a good Christian family and lives a life that reflects that. I then look around and see all of these babies born to parents that honestly do not deserve them. Why? I know I will not get my answers and I have to just have faith in Christ but at times like this it is very hard. I ask each of you that reads this to please pray from my friend and her family. I believe that is the only way they will survive this event. I will post again very soon!

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