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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why one pays to make a fool out of one's self!!!!

Wow - it has been sometime since I have written in my blog. I guess my only excuse is that -hmmmm - I just haven't (hey no sense in telling a lie huh?) I have been busy with my two girls, made an appointment for "puppy" to have his manhood removed (that will teach him to chew on a pair of my shoes) and I have started a new exercise class. I think I should reword that - I have started making a fool out of myself. I have joined a Zumba class at work. Now if you do not know what Zumba exactly is - well let me tell you. Zumba is a style of intense dance-aerobics workout with pulsating Latin music. And it is intense!!! Why I am doing a class that is like a Latin dance class I do not know. I have NO RHYTHM. It is now coming back to me why my mother took me out of dance class. As a parent you have to be encouraging but you also have to be realistic. My mother was very realistic when it came to me and dance. It was like oil and water!!! So needless to say - I am quiet a sight to behold in this new exercise class. The Princess warned me about the embrassment I would be inflicting upon myself and that I would also be paying to embrass myself. But I refused to listen to her. So now I am in Zumba. Every Tuesday and Thursday I will be taking my big behind to shake and shimmey in my Zumba class. And I have to admit I do have plenty of "bootie" to shake, just not to the rhythm of the music. And I have decide that I am right footed. Yes - right footed. I cannot do the moves AT ALL when she reverses them from the right to left. Geez! But I have to say I am enjoying the hell out of this class. I work up a sweat I cannot believe but I laugh my butt off with all of my friends. It is the most fun I have had in a long time. So I think I will continue to pay to make a fool out of myself as long as my friends are paying too!!!

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