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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Enjoying Spring Break!!

As I have posted I work for the school system and this week is spring break. In my younger years when I was off from work that meant that I had to go somewhere, anywhere, just not stay at home!!! But as I am gracefully aging I have found I truly enjoy staying in Lippyville and doing nothing!!! Just read my books, catch up on TV shows, sleep in, stay up late and whatever else I decide to do. I don't know why this is. Most of my friends have gone away for the break but I am not jealous - I am just content. I guess that comes with age, contentment. I no longer look at what others have and try to think of a way I can get those things, I am basically just happy with what I have been blessed with. And I have to say it is a good feeling. I know that my life is far from perfect, but I know I have been blessed. I have a good husband (who is in the bed at this moment SNORING!!!!), 2 beautiful but high demand daughters, a house that is nothing special to anyone else but I love it, 3 adorable dogs and a family that supports each other. I read on Facebook and other places about people that only complain about their lives, their jobs, their house and everything else. I want to say "Honey, be glad you are alive with a job and have a house". The older I get the more I just do not want to hear the pitiful me stories these people have. They never seem to have ANYTHING positive in their lives as far as they can see. And yet I look at their lives and think that really they have been blessed. I really feel sorry for these negative people. So I have decided I am no longer going to be supportive of this type of attitude. Don't get me wrong - I am not a Polly Anna but I think that we should try to find the positive in our lives. And I will be there for my friends in their times of need and hope they will be mine. But from here forward I am not going to listen to the whining and moaning of negative people. I am making the choice to be positive and be around positive people that don't drag me down. I had a friend that never had one nice thing to say about her husband. The man did not one thing right except he brought home a big paycheck. Finally I told her after listening to this for years that when she talked so ugly about him she did not make him look foolish but rather herself because she was the idoit for staying married to this man that according to her had no good qualities!!!
Can you tell I am on a soapbox? Well I will step down now but I do encourage everyone to look at what all positive you have in your lives and if you look around (and it will not take you long) you will find someone in much worse shape than you.

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