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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It ain't pretty!!!

I have seen the future and sugar, it ain't pretty!! This past Saturday night DaddyBoy, myself, Princess and AngelBaby took off on a shopping expedition. We went to one of my favorite stomping grounds, Target to look for a few things. Well honey if we are having money problems in this country you cannot prove it by me. Target had EVERY checkout lane open and the customers were lined 5 to 6 deep with buggies full (yes I am from the south and we call them buggies!) After leaving Target, going to eat at the Olive Garden (where I cannot believe our bill was over $70.00 for the 4 of us, no wonder we eat at home) we headed to Ross's and it was there I saw it. A moo-moo! Now you gals know what I am talking about. The long flowing gowns that Maude ( who by the way was Archie Bunker's cousin) wore in the 70s. Right then and there I saw my future. Daddyboy and I will be living in the retirement village (probably a trailer park) in Florida and there I will be going to the shuffle board tournaments, covered dish dinners, bridge games and so on in my moo-moo!!! And the scariest part of this whole scenario is all I could thing of was how comfortable I would be, how many different colors I would need and what shoes I would wear!!!!! I mention this to AngelBaby because she was shopping with me or rather following me around telling it was time to go home and she almost fell to the floor at the thought of me opening the door with an animal print moo-moo on!! I can just see if now!!! And my friends, IT AIN"T PRETTY.

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