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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gone to the Dogs- Part 1

As I sit in my den at 1:04 am on a Wednesday morning know that I have to be up at 5:30 to get ready for work surrounded by my 3 dogs I wonder to myself how did this happen? Not being up at 1:04 in the morning - but rather how did I end up with 3 house dogs?? I do know how it started. It started shortly after Daddyboy and I got married and we went to the mall. Stopping in the pet store my eyes fell on a beautiful dachshund puppy. The sales clerk got him out and was he ever cute. But he had a large price of $600 (this was 20 years ago) and Daddyboy said no way was he paying that much for ANY dog that did not poop gold! So we came home and I was on a mission to find myself a dachshund. And I did. I located an adorable 12 week old black and tan puppy at a dump of a pet store. He was priced at $200 but because he was getting older we got alittle better deal. Man was it ever love. Max (which I did not know at the time is one of the most popular names for a dog) came home with us. He was like our baby! I cried when we pulled away from our condo to go on vacation because Maxie boy was being left behind. The first couple of nights he was with us we put him in the bathroom on a bed to slept. And he cried. It was so pitiful that even mean ole Daddyboy's heart was broken so that began a lifetime of sharing our bed with Max. He was such a good dog. And beautiful too. A couple of years after his arrival my aunt bought his sister for her granddaughter and they named her Maxine!!! When Max was a couple of years old The Princess arrived. Everyone told us that we would probably have to find him a new home with the baby coming because he would be so jealous. Nothing was farther from the truth. He would go into the Royal Nursery and slept in front of the crib when The Princess took her naps. The moment I heard her stir on the baby monitor I would hear Max coming down the hall to notify that Her Royal Majesty was getting up from her nap. When Max was getting some age on him we added a new member to the family - Maxwell the Chihuahua. Yes I know what you are thinking - are these people crazy - do they not know any other name but Max for their dogs? Well Yes we are alittle on the nutty side but this dog came to us already named. A friend of mine had this dog and was moving to a place where she could no longer have a pet and ask if we could keep him JUST until she found him a home. Well I really thought of chihuahuas as rats on steroids and never had a desire for one but to help out a friend - I said okay without even asking Daddyboy. Angelbaby was so excited. She decided this would be her dog. Well needless to day - Daddyboy was not in the least happy with us. I assured him it was ONLY until Maxwell could be found a home. Well, we did find him a home - with us - he has been here for 6 years now. He is not Angelbaby's dog but rather mine. And he still looks like a rat on steroids but only I can say that about him because I love him so much. And guess what - he piles up in the bed with us every night. I have far more to tell you about going to the dogs but I must try to get to bed. I only have 2 more days to work until Spring Break so I must get some sleep. I will finish this up story up soon. Good Night to all from me and my 3 fur babies - we headed to the bedroom to ALL pile in the bed with Daddyboy who as you remember turns into Paul Bunyon at night. I hear him sawing those logs now.

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