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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gone to the Dogs- Part 2

April 1 2006 rolled around and that was a day with great sadness - Max was 16 years old and he was in bad shape. We made the decision to have him put to sleep. It was so hard to decide but he was suffering and all of us knew it was for the best. Personally I believe that our pets go to heaven and that we will see them. I can just imagine Max entering those pearly gates and seeing my mother. See, my mama was not too crazy about about Max or really any other dog. But I think heaven changes that!!! I beat they are sitting together watching down on us. It did make it easier to come home and have my sweet little Maxwell. Well on with the story - Princess went on and on about how she wanted a Pomeranian, just like one of my friends. Low and behold - the breeder that our friend got her Sophie from was moving and had a Pomeranian that was Sophie's sister she wanted to give to a good home. So entered Sadie into our lives. Daddyboy was so mad!!! He said he did not want any more dogs and we were just disrespecting him. It was at that point that I realized when he got home and put his warm up pants on he seem to get really high and mighty!!! More on that subject later! Sadie had not been treated the best and was very timid. Well within the week, Princess decided that she was just not a dog person. What I screamed - your Daddy was made as the devil with me and now you have decided that you are JUST NOT A DOG PERSON!!! Geez - I told her - what if after I brought you home I decided Well I am just not a kid person!!! So that is how we added Sadie to my pack of dogs. So live was good at in Lippyville until this past October. Our neighbor came by one Satruday morning to deliver the popcorn I had ordered from her son's cub scout troup and a cutie pie puppy was following behind them. I ask her if they had a new dog and she said no way. It had better find somewhere to go. He was so cute and sweet. I just knew I could find him a home! So I took this dog in, gave him a bath and sent an email out along with his picture. Daddyboy came home from work and needless to say (after the sweatpants were on) he pitched a fit. He told me not to even think about keeping that dog - no way no how - in fact I could not even name him!!! Well here we are in April and "Puppy" is still with us. And he is so cute!!! And Daddyboy has calmed down about them. In fact, he loves them too. He did make that comment that he felt like 3 dogs consitutes a pack so therefore I am the pack leader!!!! Take a look for yourself. Aren't these the cutest in the world???

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  1. Adorable-- that's what they are, adorable! No doubt your Mom and Max are big chums now. :)))