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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Settling in to a new way of life -- BROKE!!!

DaddyBoy and I are trying to get use to having no extra money.  Not that we had much before but since we have sent Princess of to college we are now about ready to go on food stamps!!!  While Princess is living it at college, we are stuck here at home eating beans and rice!!  Angel Baby is suffering at home with us too.  She is trying to help me start couponing!!  Bless her sweet heart.  We started working on my coupon book today.  Not so sure how this will go, only time will tell.  Now that I have found the most wonderful place in the internet world, Pinterest, I am going to try my best to find new and interesting recipes for the family.  I am going to try to use better organizational skills so I know what I really have and what I don't have.  And I am just going to have to find my entertainment on the web!!!  DaddyBoy is not really that entertaining.  Maybe this will be a bonding time for us - who knows?  I kind of doubt it because I really like the finer things in life, you know like Charmin toilet paper instead of the No name brand.  It is Saturday night here in Lippyville and we are getting ready to settle in for dinner.  Please feel free to share any money saving tips you might have that I might could use.

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