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Saturday, March 26, 2011

What did we do before texting?

I am just not sure how I survived without my Iphone! I use it everyday I love listening to my music, which my husband says is a very unique selection. I have show tunes, christian music, hard rock, country, pop, oldies and the list goes on. I can honestly say I can enjoy almost any kind of music.  And there are so many apps to load on.  Pandora is one of my favorites.  I can do so much from my Iphone - send and check emails, text my friends, take pictures and one of my favorite things - listen to audiobooks.  The one thing I do the least on my Iphone is talk.  Isn't that crazy?  For goodness sake - it is a phone after all.  But I seem to like to text people more than talk to them.  In a way I guess that is sad but in another way it is great.  I can get in touch with my girls and get a response back,  Before I learned to text it was harder to communicate with the girls. (We are still trying to convince Daddyboy texting is the way of the future, he needs to get on board!)  Although I did tell them it was not wise to ignore a phone call from the person who pays the phone bill, they would always have an excuse as to why they did not answer.  Now that I can text (and I text very well I might add) I understand why people would rather do that.  I have even cut off where people can leave me a voice mail.  Who has time to retrieve them?  I know texting may seem impersonal but it is just so much easier than getting caught on the phone with Chatty Cathy that you really just need to tell one thing and before you know it they have taken up an hour of your life.  Who really cares about her crazy mother in law!  Plus when you text someone if you are smart you think about what you are saying.  I am not put on the spot as often because I do not have to answer a text immediately, I can wait until I decide how I want to reply.  With texting I can send the same message to 10 different people in just a minute instead of having to call each of them.   Of course as with all things there are draw backs to texting.  Sometime I wonder exactly what the person meant because I cannot hear how they are saying something.  Like if they say "Girl you are crazy"  Well do they mean I am crazy funny or perhaps they mean I need to be in a mental institution, either of these could apply depending on what day it   But for the most part I think texting is great.  Well that is except for texting when you are not in your right mind.  An example would be after you have dental surgery.  Not a good time to let your friend know exactly what you think of her new haircut.  There have been times that Daddyboy has taken the computer and phone away to help me avoid those sticky situations.  
So say what you want about technology today but texting is the bomb!!! 

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