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Friday, March 25, 2011


Well once again it has been a long time since I posted anything but ya'll I have been very busy trying to get the Princess out of school.  In less than 10 weeks my girl will graduate high school and be moving on to bigger things, like a dorm room (ha, ha how small is that!)  I have also been having to make visits to my local pharmacy for refills on my nerve pills because Angel Baby is now a road warrior!  I am beginning to wonder if Daddyboy and I are going to survive all of these big events.  It really just seems like yesterday that I was arguing with the lady that was doing my ultrasound that I was not having a baby girl but rather a baby boy.  In fact I was so sure she was wrong I refused to do a nursery in anything but blue.  Well, guess what, that lady did know what she was talking about not only that time but the second time we went to visit her.  God decided to bless us with 2 beautiful daughters.  The only boys that we would have would be our precious puppies!  There have been so many difficult times that the people I love so much have been thru in the past two years that sometimes it is hard to remember all of the blessing that we do have.  So today I am making the choice to think of the two greatest blessing in my life and thank God that He knew baby boys were not what we needed.  We needed the two precious girls He gave us that had to sleep in a blue nursery!

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