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Friday, February 24, 2012

Angel Baby's Birthday

I have had a hard time sleeping tonight so I decided to just getup at 3:00 am to begin my day.  This is VERY unusual for me because as many of my friends know I am not an early riser but today is different.  It was 17 years ago around this time that I instructed Daddyboy we needed to head to the hospital.  Princess was already at her grandparents house spending the night because we kind of felt like it was going to be a middle of the night trip. And a princess needs her undisturbed beauty sleep.  I know I was so scared.  Not really scared of the labor I knew I was about to go thru but just the fact that God had given us the gift of another precious life .  And how were we going to do?  The first curve ball came when we found out our private insurance policy would not cover anything unless the baby arrived 3 weeks late because that is when our maternity coverage would begin.  Daddyboy and I could not even begin to figure out how we were going to cover that.  Well we did get the Doctor's bill paid before we had to go to the hospital by some miracle and we still feed the princess and ourselves.  But we discussed that $500 epidural.  I must have been out of my mind or something because I agreed with Daddyboy that was one way to save money, I could be tough and do with out it.  Let me say, not a wish decision.  By the time that we arrived at the hospital I wanted my drugs!!! They got me into the labor and delivery room, settled in a rocker and wanted me to try the whirlpool tub for the pains.  I said no thank you, please give me the epidural.  The sweet midwife held my hand, stroked my back and said you can do this without the epidural.  I maintained my cool and said no, I really want that epidural, PLEASE, (see I was still remembering the manners my southern mama taught me)  Then Daddyboy came bouncing in.  He said Now honey, remember we talked about this and agreed that was one way to save $500.  Remember sweetheart?  All of this said with a big goofy grin on his face.  That was it!!!  I pulled him down into my face (hey I know I had horrible smelling breath at that point) and I think my face split open.  The devil being in me came out and said I WANT THAT EPIDURAL NOW, AND I DO NOT GIVE A DAMN HOW YOU PAY FOR IT, YOU CAN CUT OFF YOUR RIGHT BALL FOR ALL I CARE!!!!  I think Daddyboy believed me, far more than that midwife did because he rushed right out in the hall to get this request rolling down the line.  Within 5 minutes the Doc was in there administering it to me.  RELIEF!!!!  After about 6 hours, The Price is Right was coming on the midwife said I think it is time to push, by the way I have a student midwife here, would it be alright for her to help deliver the baby.   Well what a fine time to ask.  I would have let about anyone.  4 pushes and our Angel Baby arrived.  All red and screaming and BLONDE!!!  I did a double take, BLONDE was not even on my radar.    The Princess had arrived with dark hair, dark eyes and a bit jaundice, I really thought she had alittle sun tan.  Angel Baby looked so different to me.  I had always said I wanted a blonde, blue eyed baby but my mother in law always said that my dark colors would dominate.  Blonde and blue eyed not going to happen according to her.  Well let's just say what I have always said to Daddyboy, Yo mama don't know everything!!!  So here was our beautiful baby girl weighing in at 9 pounds 7 ounces and 21 1/2 inches long.  She was a whopper of a baby.  I walked down to see her in the nursery and thought she was so beautiful.  Then a toothless monger standing next to me looked at my angel baby and said, "I tell you one damn thang, if you had squirted that big ole out you would not be standing here."  It was then that the mother lion came out in me and I said That dear lady is my baby and as you can see I am standing very well.  And I am still standing very well today as we get ready to celebrate her 17th birthday.  Angel Baby is so different than Princess.  Princess always has liked a big party to celebrate birthdays and Angel Baby just likes doing something with a few close friends.  So tonight Daddyboy and I are taking her along with her boyfriend, more commonly referred to as That Boy (said with love) and her Grandy to the smartest Italian restaurant in the world for dinner.  Now why you might ask do I say it is the smartest, well the big deal about this place is if it is your birthday you eat FREE.  But only you.  And how many people do you know that will come to the restaurant by themselves.  In fact because you are celebrating a birthday you probably bring more people than normal.  So that free birthday dinner table usually ends up with a check for around 70.00.  Smart Restaurant.
Daddyboy and I grow closer each day to having this babies raised the best we can.  We have made so many mistakes.  But that the good Lord above He has watched out for us and so far we have 2 precious girls!  Happy Birthday Angel Baby - you were our biggest surprise and one of greatest gifts from our heavenly Father! Sometimes we don't know what we need but Jesus does and he knew life would not be complete without Angel Baby.

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